Commercial Capital Limited is a division of Nexus Financial Group, Inc. It was started almost 6 years ago by Brian L. Peart to capitalize on the commercial loan requests we were getting from our residential customers. Over the years, we have learned the nuances of the Commercial lending arena and now have the team in place to provide the great rates and flexibility of a broker with the underwriting knowledge of direct lenders. In so doing, we can fill the void between the local commercial bank with its slow approvals, rigid terms, zero follow-up and restrictive criteria and the "hard money" lenders who will give you 15%+ rates. In fact, we will help structure the deal and can often get the loan approved with banks and lenders that you would be unable to get done. Plus, we are now correspondent lenders with several national banks--which means better pricing for you and your clients; and we have access to all of the nationwide lenders and direct conduits to Wall Street money. As the numbers of deals we do grow, and the database of lenders that respect our underwriting grows, our ability to provide truly the finest service and terms available is reaching new highs. When you bring your deal to Commercial Capital Limited, you are getting a partner that will help you get the right deal for your dream. At Commercial Capital Limited, no dream is too big!

If you have a loan scenario or would like program information, please contact:

Seth Parr

Ph: 866-355-1244  *  Fax: 770-908-1674



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